About me


Born and grew up in Germany I had the typical secured life, I studied Marketing and Finance Management Controlling, finished my university and worked in some Marketing jobs and afterwards as HR Manager at the government in my small city at the north sea. A house, a dog, a horse, a boyfriend, my friends, my family, so a very stable environment, but my colleagues always said you become an actress, you are just not the person for an office job.

As am a capricorn and always looking for money and stability I didn’t listen to them and proceeded with what I was doing since my contract ended and then suddenly I thought “I know everyone in my village, jobs are very limited so either I can move to a bigger city or going abroad.” I thought of going to America, living the big dream and become an actress, but getting a Greencard seemed not that easy, so I applied in other countries and suddenly received an email from an Austrian Real Eastate developer in Dubai that they would like to have a skype interview and after I had the flight ticket immediately in my email.

What a surprise, the village girl moved to Dubai with fear and excitement what will happen in a muslim country far away from home with almost no knowledge about other cultures.

Suddenly I saw so many different nationalities,the luxurious and the very poor areas, the excitement of making the big deal and the disappointment when it was not going so smooth and I missed my real home and went end 2007 back to Germany.

Again I had my secured life and I was happy until again one of my jobs ended and I received a call from a recruitment company that they wanted me in Dubai for one of their clients. That was 2015 and I thought okay the flight is just 6 hours, I go for it.

Unfortunately there were circumstances which happen quite often in Dubai and I was jobless for 1 day…. In the building of that company I always had a chat with a guy who owned a film production company and when I told him am searching for a job, he offered me a 1 month actress role for a tv production and bam that was the change.

The shy village girl who always avoided being before the camera was now right in front of all those lights, prominent people and I felt Hollywood is coming….

After that I enjoyed all those castings, model and actress jobs which followed, even though it was tough to survive sometimes, I loved my jobs and finally I found what I wanted to do. Till Ramadan and the summer arrived, it was so hard, no jobs, no money and I was not able to pay the rent, so I needed a stable office job again, where I am till now.

I am happy with my job because it’s in a creative company, but I want more, so I created “fitfatal”.

A brand, a passion, a business. Beiing a boss and also working in a fulltime office job is hard, but I needed to give my creative mind space for more.

Why Fitfatal ?

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