Fit-what does it mean

Good physical condition and performance due to a scheduled sports training means beeing fit. Fitness describes a state of physical performance and health that can be achieved through targeted training and a balanced diet by everyone. But remember beeing fit means for each person something different. Important are the 5 components :

1. Strength

2. Agility

3. Health

4. Stamina

5. Speed

Before you start training, you need to check out of the mentioned points, on what you would like to improve. For instance if you have health problems like permanent back pain, you will get a different fitness plan then a person who wants to improve the stamina. It’s not necessary that you join a gym, you can improve your fitness even at home or with outdoor sport, just keep in mind, you will just do something for your whole life if it makes fun. So find your individual hobby and keep moving. Especially for business people who sit the whole day in the office and say they have never the time to workout, please think of it what is more important your health or your job, you must find the balance. So find the perfect time for your sport, even if it’s just using the bicycle to come to work and before you sleep have some workout items at home, a 20 min workout is better then not training at all.